A calm sea-state AND beautiful weather, could there be anything better?! We suppose so, if you add Common Dolphins and a Blue Whale! We found numerous pods of Common Dolphins this morning and counted up to ~150 individuals in total! Both species, the Long-Beaked and Short-Beaked, were observed either traveling or charging to the boat to bow-ride.

The Common Dolphin activity continued this afternoon with a small pod of ~20 dolphins. They interacted with the boat by utilizing the water movement we produced in front of the bow, back behind us in our wake and along the sides of the boat. We cruised up to the north and were stunned by a quick flash of blue. It turned out to be the fluorescent aquamarine glow from a BLUE WHALE swimming sub-surface! We watched as it came up for a cycle of breathes until it discreetly dove down. Unfortunately, it was very long-winded and we were unable to relocate it for another look. Of course, we’ll be back on the water tomorrow for another try!

As a reminder, holidays tend to draw in more passengers. We expect to sell out relatively quickly throughout the week of July 4th. If you’re interested in joining us next week we highly encourage you to book your spot as soon as possible! See you tomorrow, whale watchers!