Splash Zone Wednesday! We had fantastic conditions this morning, blue skies and placid seas. As we ventured west into deeper water we saw a small, 3-4ft Mako shark leap out of the water, cart wheeling 3 xs! Pretty phenomenal sight to see! As we continued on, we encountered a pod (~125) of short beaked Common dolphins. They were interacting with our boat riding our bow & wake, while doing acrobatic leaps! Many of them were jumping right next to the bow making it a “splash zone” for our giddy passengers. On the afternoon trip, the weather changed and the visibility did get a little hazy. Although it didn’t stop us from spotting another 3-4ft leaping Mako shark, once again! Double our luck! Our passengers were screaming with excitement as they witnessed this rare moment. And to continue mirroring our morning trip, we encountered another pod (~50) Common dolphins! They came over to our bow to play and ride, as well as our wake, on the sides of the boat. And to top it off, we got a quick glimpse on our way into the basin of some inshore Bottlenose dolphins (~3)! Come join us tomorrow on our discounted trip, but buy quickly before we sell out! Naturalist, Jaeny