We had a fun dolphin day aboard the Privateer! We observed many pods of Common dolphins! They were scattered about, along the drop-off. We got to hang out with some playful dolphins that spent some time riding the pressure wave on the bow. Some traveled beside us and surfed in our wake. We witnessed many different behaviors, including porpoising, breaching, and tail-slapping. One of the pods even started to stampede toward us! They picked up the pace and all started to porpoise out of the water at the same time. The Common dolphin can get up to top speeds of almost ~35-mph! There were even some calves mixed among the pods. Guests squealed with delight upon seeing those tiny babies! While observing our first pod of Commons, we sighted a spout, about 1-mile away. We got to the location, re-sighted the baleen whale, but it gave us the slip. We never got to determine the species! Based on the spout, it may have been either a Fin whale or a Blue whale. We will try again tomorrow! Trash/Recyclables: ZERO!!! -Vanessa