We kick-started the weekend offshore with some Offshore Bottlenose today! We were delighted to see one of the largest pods of Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins we have ever encountered on The Privateer. Roughly 100-120 individuals were seen as we attempted to pass through every sub-group spread along the horizon. COUNTLESS calves (including the smallest of newborns!!) were spotted and we were fortunate enough to witness them approaching the boat to check us out with curiosity! In addition to the Bottlenose Dolphins, we cruised through multiple pods of boat-friendly Common Dolphins.

Baby dolphins continued to steal our attention and our hearts this afternoon during a great Common Dolphin encounter. Numerous cow-calf pairs were spotted swimming beside us and leaping out into the air. They never cease to amaze us with their energy and inquisitiveness! It looks like the great conditions we’ve been enjoying all week may last even longer. Come on out and beat with heat with us where it is cool and full of amazing things to see! See you on the water, whale watchers.