It was absolutely gorgeous on the water today! We had some great encounters with toothed whales on both trips. During the morning, we set out to the SW and found ourselves almost to the Mexico-US border! While there, we found a nice pod of ~15 Offshore bottlenose dolphins! They were pretty inquisitive, as they kept surfacing next to the boat and checking us out! We got great looks at them, as they were slowly traveling to the NW. We made our way back up North and found our second species of toothed whale. We found a pod of ~40 Common dolphins! They were very energetic and acrobatic! Many porpoised beside the Privateer, while many were seen bow-riding. Some cow/calf pairs were also seen in the mix. During the afternoon cruise, we set out to the West, toward deeper water. Once we got to the drop-off, we found several pods of Common dolphins! Over the course of the trip, we encountered seven different pods of Commons, that ranged from just 15 individuals to 120 in a pod. Many pods were traveling either, North or South along the drop-off. We even got to see small schooling fish bubbling up to the surface. Our depth finder, indicated that there was huge bait ball with an estimated size of 120-ft deep, by 200-ft wide. The bait ball was comprised of anchovies. Many terns, and shearwaters were seen feeding on them. We communicated with other whale watching boats on the water, and unfortunately no one sighted any baleen whales. We will keep crossing our fingers, and hoping for the best! -Trash/Recyclables: FOUR Mylar balloon successfully retrieved! See you on the water soon! -Vanessa