It was the day of the dolphins! The conditions were pristine out on the water giving us the best possibilities for finding cetaceans. On our morning trip, we found 3 sub groups of Common dolphins! The third sub-group displayed a variety of different behaviors such as milling, aerial jumps, hunting, courtship and even witnessed cow calf pairs bonding! As we entered the channel on the return to Mission Bay, some of our passengers got a quick glimpse of 2 Bottlenose dolphins!

On the afternoon trip, as we exited the jetties we got to see the Bottlenose dolphins once again as they lingered in the channel. The conditions were still outstanding out on the water, and we immediately found a small pod of dolphins in a feeding frenzy with marine birds hovering in the area. It was quite a sight to see! As we ventured further west to find baleen, we spotted a huge pod of Commons, stampeding on the horizon. We made the decision to go for it, even though it would put us 12 miles offshore! It was absolutely worth it! We had Commons surrounding the vessel in all directions, far an near! Our passengers were ecstatic to see so many dolphins! Both trips were absolutely AMAZING!

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