A BLUE WHALE, mystery whale and Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins..again?! What a fantastic day! After a few days of missing the Blue Whales, we finally spotted a single blue this morning, rapidly traveling out to the west. We did not have much time left to spend with it but that didn’t inhibit us from getting an incredible look at it as it surfaced right in front of us and crossed our bow! Roughly 340 Common Dolphins were also seen throughout our first trip.

In the afternoon, we spotted a dozen Common Dolphins and a mystery whale! We initially assumed it to be a Minke Whale, judging by the small size and a nearly absent spout. Due to a lengthy dive time and an enormous dorsal fin, we began to second guess the species. Unfortunately, we were unable to relocate it for more certainty. Closer to the coast, we encountered a pod of ~30 acrobatic Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins!!

San Diego is in the middle of an excessive heat wave right now. NOW would be a great time to come hang out with us on The Privateer! See you on the water, whale watchers.