It isn’t Wednesday but we sure did enjoy an incredible HUMP-day! Common Dolphins were spread along The Pacific in all directions while Felix/Flourence the Humpback Whale circled the area!!! We were thrilled to re-locate this beautiful Humpback that has been making minor movements along the coast of San Diego over a span of two weeks. As always (when we encounter Felix), the flukes were raised prior to every dive! What we didn’t expect was a giant tail-lob/slap onto the surface! While interacting with a pod of Common Dolphns, Felix quickly raised the lower half of his body and slammed the water enough to produce an enormous splash! Although Felix was one of the highlights from the trip, ~200 Common Dolphins made for an amazing sight throughout the morning. It looks like Felix the Humpback Whale is sticking around, so there is a chance we may see him this weekend! Join us on the water to find out!