It was another nautical day aboard the Privateer! While it was still bumpy on the water, the seas seemed to be calming down, especially in the afternoon. During the morning trip, we set out to the west in search for baleen whales and toothed whales. We made it to the drop-off and kept going. We made it close to 11-miles from shore! As nature would have it, we did not find any along our course, to the west and back to the coast.

During the afternoon cruise, we had the same plan, and set out to the west. We ended up getting super lucky and found a large pod of ~200 Common dolphins! They were traveling to the north initially, but then changed direction to the south, then back up to the north. All the while, they hung out with us, porpoising beside the boat, and bow-riding. We witnessed many cow/calf pairs in the mix. They tended to be on the mellow side, but we did see some acrobatics every now and then. We left them, and continued on to deeper water. We ended up finding another smaller pod of ~50 individuals! No baleen whales were sighted.

Trash/Recyclables: ZERO!

Conditions seem to be getting calmer, so hope you’ll join us soon!