Guests had a nice time aboard the Ohana! We journeyed out to the west in search of baleen whales and toothed whales. We got lucky, and found a curious pod of Short-beaked Common dolphins. There was an estimated ~100 individuals in the pod. Initially, they were traveling very closely together, and then spread out. We could see Common dolphins all around the boat. The pod was active, as they showed off their acrobatics. We observed porpoising, breaching, and tail-slaps. Many Common dolphins raced up to the bow and bow-rode the Ohana. Some itty-bitty dolphins were also seen traveling with their mothers. Guests also heard the Common dolphins vocalizing near our vessel. On our way back toward the coast, we were surprised by a breaching Mola mola (Ocean sunfish). There were two seen subsurface, right next to a kelp paddy. We searched far to the west, approx. 11-miles from shore, but no baleen whales were sighted this time around. We hope you join us on adventure on the Pacific ocean soon. -Vanessa