It was a nice time on the water today. We set out and the sea conditions were much better than expected. We journeyed out to the west, into deeper water. During the morning trip, the ocean was very quiet. We had trouble finding baleen and toothed whales. We traveled to about 8-miles from shore, and then to the north. Once we got off La Jolla, we pointed our nose to Mission Bay.

During the afternoon, we set out to the west, but got lucky and found a pod of ~100 Common dolphins. We observed feeding behavior. There was likely some small schooling fish down beneath us. They seemed to be foraging on the fish, as they kept going on mini 1 to 3-min dives. They kept resurfacing in the same area. While at the surface, many of the dolphins came over and raced to the bow to bow-ride the Ohana. We got to see a lot of porpoising action, and a couple of breaches. We even saw them take off, fanning out in stampede-mode. A minke whale was sighted, but only by the crew. We tried to relocate it, but had no luck.

We have plenty of open spots tomorrow, so come on out and try your luck in finding marine mammals!