Beautiful weather, interesting visibility, and nice sea conditions led to an awesome time on the Pacific! After leaving the Mission Bay jetties, and were about 2-miles from shore, we had fog all around us! We encountered some dramatic seas, as we could no longer see land due to the dense fog. Once we got to the drop-off, increased winds blew the fog away, and we had great visibility. Along our journey, we sighted many birds. Pelicans, gulls, shearwaters, and a single Brown booby were seen to name a few! While out in deeper water, we sighted some splashes in the distance. We got lucky and found a pod of ~150 Short-beaked Common dolphins! They were very acrobatic, as we could see the dolphins rocketing out of the water! We observed many energetic behaviors, such as porpoising, breaching, tail-slapping, and surfing! Guests were excited to see many cow/calf pairs in the mix. They were mostly headed to the NW, with minor adjustments in travel. On our way back toward the coast, we sighted a MINKE whale! It was initially sighted milling, or moving very slowly. We could see fluke prints, allowing us to determine the whale’s direction of travel. It began to travel subsurface, likely belly up or on its side. Once it finally surfaced for a breath, we could see its pointy rostrum (head), back, and falcate dorsal fin. It was headed to the SW. We got another look as it arched its back over a wave, and went down for a deeper dive. It was a fintastic day on the water, we hope you join us soon! -Vanessa