It was a great day on the Pacific ocean! During our morning trip, we journeyed to the west, and got to ~10-miles from shore. We sighted a pod of ~50 Common dolphins. They were traveling to the NW. Every now and then, we could see them porpoising, and surfing in our wake. While accompanying them, a second pod of similar size was seen in the distance. They appeared to be joining up. We got to hang out with both pods, as they bow-rode, and parallelled the boat, doing some people watching. There were cow/calf pairs also seen! On our way back in a very rare Tropicbird was sighted super close to shore!

During the afternoon cruise, we set out to the NW, toward La Jolla. We had great views of the San Diego coastline. We traveled along the La Jolla canyon, to the west. Once we reached the drop-off, we went south, hoping to increase our chances of finding whales. But just as nature would have it, we did not see any baleen whales or toothed whales.

We will be out tomorrow on a nice calm ocean. Hope to see you there!