Toothed Whale Thursday! Aboard the Ohana, we spent some time with a large pod of ~200 Common dolphins! Shortly after reaching the drop-off, we sighted some splashing in the distance. Initially, we thought it was a small handful of dolphins, but upon approach, everyone could see several more dolphins leaping out of the water! We observed many different behaviors as they traveled to the SW. We watched as they zoomed over to the boat to bow-ride, and porpoise right next to the vessel. We excitedly observed them breaching, chin-slapping, and tail-slapping. Plenty of cow/calf pairs were also seen in the pod. We continued on, and along our journey, we found a kelp paddy with yellow tail underneath. On our way back toward the coast, and along the drop-off, we found an aggregation of skipjack tuna bubbling at the surface. Birds were seen all around. No baleen whales were sighted to day, but we will be out tomorrow, with fingers crossed! Hope you’ll join us! -Vanessa