It was another fun Saturday on the Pacific! We started our day out with dense fog surrounding us in Mission Bay. We had little visibility but that didn’t stop us from finding wildlife on our trips! During the morning we found an awesome pod of ~150 Common dolphins! They were pretty exciting to watch as they came over to interact with the boat. Many of them rode the bow and surfed in our wake. We found this pod nearly 7-miles from shore! Many birds were also seen on our way, including shearwaters, gulls, and Cassin’s auklets.
During the afternoon cruise, we had much better visibility to start our trip off. We could see for miles, as the wind picked up. We had a nice Common dolphin surprise only a couple miles out from the coast. An active pod of ~10 Common dolphins bee-lined it straight for us to bow-ride briefly. They continued to the NW, while we set out to deeper water. We reached the drop-off and a couple miles later, we sighted a larger pod of ~200 Common dolphins that also showed some interest in the Ohana. At one point, we were completely surrounded. We sighted some cow/calf pairs that were traveling alongside the boat. A few Common dolphins even breached near the boat, thrilling guests on board. We continued to the west, in search for more wildlife. On our return route toward the coast, the same pod was sighted again as they picked up the pace and traveled to the NW. As nature would have it, no baleen whales were sighted but we still had an amazing time.
Hope to see you soon!