HOLY HUMPBACKS! We had an amazing time on both trips today! We got super lucky and found Humpback whales headed to the south. During the morning trip, once we got out a couple of miles beyond the drop-off, we sighted some birds diving into the water in one spot. Among them were two Humpback whales potentially feeding on small schooling fish. They slowly traveled to the south, while stopping to play in some kelp! One of the whales had kelp all over its back. Another played with the kelp and pec-slapped at the surface.

During the afternoon, we set out to the SW, and beyond the drop-off we sighted spouts in the intense glare. We waited a good 10-min and a pod of three Humpback whales popped up in the area! We got great looks at them as they continued travels to the south. We got to see the blue glow from their white pectoral flippers as they traveled subsurface. We even got lucky and observed some double-fluke action! We got to see them just in time, as a huge fog bank rolled in, engulfing us in 30-ft of visibility for the rest of the journey back home.

No toothed whales were sighted today, but we have one trip tomorrow morning, so hope to see you there!