Tuesdays aren’t so bad when they’re spent with so much variety! We spotted one Humpback Whale, 100 Common Dolphins, at least three Flying Fish, one Harbor Seal and a Tropic Bird (super rare) this morning!!! The friendly Humpback Whale consistently traveled toward the San Diego coast while we observed it. Halfway through our visit with it, the whale finally begun to raise its flukes upon taking deeper dives! After enjoying the Humpback Whale for some time, we split off in search of dolphins. Along the way, we spotted numerous Flying Fish, a Harbor Seal AND a rare Tropic Bird. Finally, after much searching, a pod of Common Dolphins joined us near the tip of Point Loma to surf along as they traveled south with the MANY calves we spotted. If only we could witness so much diversity on every single trip! CALLING ALL BIRD WATCHERS – our sister company, Cruise San Diego, will be embarking on a Sunset Whale/Dolphin Watch Cruise this evening at 3:30 if you’re interested in searching for the Tropic Bird we found today. Head on over to their website for details and the schedule!
See you next time, whale watchers!