The action was NON-STOP today! We spent almost all of our time on the ocean in the presence of wildlife. We started off the trip by exiting the jetties to find a feeding frenzy full of plummeting sea birds, California Sea Lions, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins AND Common Dolphins! We were excited to find so much activity at the very start of our journey out to sea. Just a few miles from the feeding frenzy we were MUGGED by two different species of baleen whale! First, a sneaky Minke Whale startled us by popping up right behind the boat and crossing our stern! While we waiting for it to re-surface, a BRYDE’S WHALE (species confirmed by drone on third-party vessel) surfed about 1/2 mile in front of us. We decided to leave the Minke behind to get a look at a much more rare species! The Bryde’s Whale circled our boat and swam under us numerous times, getting everyone on board a PHENOMENAL look at it. Even after we decided to leave the Bryde’s Whale behind, a small pod of Common Dolphins wrapped up our time offshore. It has been a long time since we’ve enjoyed non-stop wildlife, exceptional conditions AND a rare species. It isn’t even Friday yet and we’re kicking off the weekend right! See you next time, whale watchers!