It was a FABULOUS Friday out on the Pacific! We encountered both toothed whales and baleen whales on our single trip! We set out to the SW and sighted a spout along the drop-off! It surfaced a few times, as it seemed to head south. We didn’t see an arch but it went on a dive. We relocated it further North, but it seemed to be keeping a low profile. We dubbed it a Mystery baleen whale as we could not determine the species. We continued out to the 9-mile bank and found the jackpot! Guests on the boat sighted a Minke whale as it popped up beside us! We got to see its rostrum, back, and dorsal fin. We observed it several times before heading North to catch up with some Pacific white-sided dolphins! This was an amazingly large pod of ~120 individuals, spread out to the west. This was our largest pod of this species that we had seen from our boat, definitely a rare sighting! We were about to head back toward land and Captain Cristin sighted a large pod of ~100 Common dolphins! They were super acrobatic and energetic as they raced to the bow and rode the pressure wave. We had many surfing our wake and traveling beside us.
Overall, it was an amazing day on the water! Come out soon!