What a day to be out on the water! We headed out of mission bay under sunny skies and glassy conditions. We decided to go about 3 miles out and then head north since we’ve been seeing a lot of activity near shore. It only took about 15 minutes of traveling north before we had what was one of the more unexpected encounters we could have imagined. Risso’s dolphins! They were so close to shore and moving closer. It was a pod of around 60 that we have seen before but never so close to shore. This species is oceanic and usually found in deep water. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. We were able to travel with them almost all the way back to mission bay before we decided to break off and head west to deeper water. The conditions were perfect for spotting anything for miles around, but we didn’t find a baleen whale today. On our way back, though, we found a small pod of offshore bottlenose dolphins! We were able to spend a short time with them and then headed back in. It was an exciting trip enjoyed by passengers and the crew. We are offline tomorrow for Thanksgiving but we have trips starting Friday. Come join us!