It had been a hot minute since Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins were encountered on one of our trips..until this morning! Soon after our exit from the jetties, we were alerted to a pod of 50-60 Offshore Bottlenose and did not want to miss out on the opportunity to observe them. Of course, we booked it to their location right away! Luckily for us, the pod was very mellow and boat-friendly. They were also densely packed together and eagerly bow-rode in front of our boat whenever we passed through for a closer look. In addition to the lively adults, numerous active calves were seen! They were either swimming along with their mothers or chin-slapping at the surface. As you’ll see from the photos, many of the adults had odd, striking markings across various body-parts. The conditions were just as fantastic as our sightings! If you were unable to get a spot before we sold out today, our sister company will be hosting another Sunset Dolphin/Whale Watch Cruise this evening and searching for Gray Whales! Head over to to book a seat for the 3:30pm departure. Until next time, whale watchers!