It was so nice being back on the water again! After a couple of days of very intense seas, we managed to get out with good sea conditions. We had pretty good visibility as well! We set out along the coast, headed north and along the way found a mixed pod of ~25 Pacific white-sided dolphins and ~20 Common dolphins. They were spread out all around us, enjoying a morning feast. The feeding frenzy included marine birds, California sea lions, and the two species of toothed whales. Many of dolphins stopped to come over and check us out! We continued up the coast, to La Jolla. We set out to the west toward the drop-off, traveling south. We hooked it back toward the coast, and found more dolphins along the way! It may have been the same mixed pod of dolphins enjoying their next round of food. No baleen whales were sighted but we will be out searching again tomorrow!
Seas ‘N’ Greetings!