Gray Whales #5 and #6 for the winter of 2018 just passed by San Diego! Despite the high surf near shore, The Ohana cruised smoothly on the Pacific this morning. We quickly kick-started the trip with numerous feeding frenzies, full of life! Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, California Sea Lions and various sea birds worked closely beside each other to feed on schools of fish. Once we reached the end of our northbound travel, a turn toward home led us to a pair of southbound Gray Whales! Due to the size difference and the lack of critters (Gray Whales can accumulated hundreds of pounds worth of lice and barnacles as they age) on the smaller individual, we believe it was a yearling traveling close to a sub-adult. The larger whale did not appear large enough to be a fully mature female and potential mother to the yearling. They strictly stuck to traveling throughout our visit with them, making it easy for us to observe within close range.
We’re so happy to be back on line, following a long stretch of poor sea conditions! If you’d like to help us search for Gray Whales tomorrow, we will be online for TWO trips. Hurry and book your spot on the boat before we sell out! Until the morning, whale watchers.