Whale watching turned out to be the perfect way to spend Christmas Eve! Our passengers were able to observe Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Common Dolphins and Gray Whales! On the morning trip, we passed through numerous feeding frenzies full of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, California Sea Lions and foraging sea birds. A few scattered groups that weren’t actively feeding were also spotted along the way. Further to the west, we found an exuberant pod of Common Dolphins! Both species of dolphin were eager to surf along with the boat throughout our entire morning trip!
In the afternoon, we observed a few additional feeding frenzies that included Pacific White-Sided Dolphins! Although we did not find any Common Dolphins, THREE southbound Gray Whales were spotted on our second trip!! The first was a large, fully mature individual that gave us the slip as soon as we spotted it. We left it behind and found a tiny juvenile that zigzagged down the coast! At first, it was very hard to keep track of; however, our patience paid off and we got to see it lift its tail-flukes a few times as it went on deeper dives! On our way home, the third and final Gray Whale of the day was spotted as we approached the jetties. We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and we’ll see our whale watchers bright and early on Wednesday!