It was great being back on the water again! After the sea conditions calmed down we were able to make it out for the afternoon. We first encountered a large aggregation of marine birds diving into the water and feeding outside of Mission Beach. We searched through the feeding frenzy for marine mammals but none were sighted. We continued to the north, along the coastline searching for Gray whale spouts, backs or tails. We traveled along the kelp line and found ourselves in La Jolla. From there we went west toward deeper water, then eventually went south once we were 5 miles from shore. Down near Point Loma we got lucky and encountered an active pod of 5-10 Pacific white-sided dolphins! They were traveling to the north pretty fast as they porpoised out of the water! They even interacted with the boat as they bow-rode and surfed in our wake. We continued to the north along the coastline and found another large pod of ~10-15 Pacific white-sided dolphins. California sea lions were seen in the mix doing their best dolphin impression. They porpoised out of the water right beside the dolphins. No baleen whales were sighted today, but we will be going out tomorrow with our fingers crossed, scanning the horizon for spouts! Hope to see you there!