A beautiful day on the water was well-spent with a variety of special wildlife! To start off our first trip of the day, a small pod of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins caught our attention right outside the jetties! Shortly after splitting off from them, we spotted one southbound Gray Whale! Our passengers and crew were happy to see the whale lift its tail-flukes as it prepared for numerous dives during our visit. Two additional pods of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, consisting of roughly ~20 individuals, were observed in passing as we traveled to see PATCHES!!! A pod of 30-40 Offshore Bottlenose, including the famous Patches (leucistic dolphin), was our last stop of the morning! We couldn’t believe how much diversity was enjoyed throughout a single trip.
The gorgeous conditions carried into the afternoon and we covered a lot of water during out trip! We briefly observed two different pods of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, amounting to ~30 dolphins in total. We also spotted two Harbor Seals and a few California Sea Lions.
We have two trips for the rest of the week which means there are plenty of trips to go around! Come hang out with us while we observe the longest migration of any mammal on Earth!