We had an awesome day on the water! The swells were a lot calmer than the previous few days! We caught up with a southbound Gray whale right out of the gate! We encountered Common dolphins all around us, ~250 individuals in all. On our afternoon trip, we zoomed out to the west and hung out with a southbound Humpback whale! We watched it spout, and show its tail AND breach!! It was a fully body breach! We hung out with a scattered pod of ~100 Long-beaked Common dolphins. Our sunset trip was the one to beat, we didn’t have to go out farther than 4 miles! We got the chance to hang out with about 100 long beaked common dolphins and FIVE gray whales!! The whales loved showing off their tail flukes over and over again and staying under for only about 5 minutes. We also had an amazing sunset as our backdrop on the way in. Truly a great trip! 
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