We had an AMAZING day on the Pacific! Our afternoon trip was greeted by about 15 inshore bottlenose dolphins that were flipping around and playing at the mouth of the jetties! We also saw 2 different trios of gray whales on their way to the south. We pushed out to the drop off and found a pod of 500 common dolphins! We were so happy to see a pod this big again! Our sunset trip was also greeted by about 10 inshore bottlenose as well. We turned our nose to the north and there was a spout in front of the bottlenose! We got to stick around for a couple short cycles. We were barely a mile out of Mission Bay! We pushed to the southwest and found a group of 5 gray whales. We were really lucky with them because they only had 2 minute dives! We stuck around for quite a while before heading back to Mission Bay. Captain John had a sharp eye and saw a really small group of pacific white sided dolphins in the sunset. We also saw another whale on the way back in, and this one was rolling around at the surface! We didn’t have time to stick around so we are not sure what species it was. We were welcomed back to Mission Bay by a small handful of those inshores and we had an amazing sunset as the backdrop. Really awesome day out there!

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