We had three great trips with Gray whales sighted on all of them! During the morning trip, we encountered a single southbound Gray whale. During the afternoon trip, we caught up with more southbound Gray whales! We got nice looks as the trio came up for breaths. We observed the tail being lifted as they went down for deep dives. They were actually exhibiting some courtship behavior. They were rolling around and popping up all around. The sunset trip was beautiful! We found a pair of southbound Gray whales about 3-miles from shore! They were coming up for about three breaths and going down for only 2-min. Another trio rolled up beside us, and we were pleasantly surprised! We got some awesome view of their coloration, barnacles/lice, and blow holes! With patchy rain around us, we got some awesome views of rainbows in the background, so magical!
We are offline tomorrow, but will see you on Tuesday!
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