We had a Wacky Whale Wednesday aboard the Privateer! We cruised out to the north on the Gray whale highway in search of Gray whales. But were surprised to not find any! We set out to the SW and found some diving birds! Many California Brown Pelicans were seen diving in the water, feeding. We continued on and a juvenile Humpback whale popped up right next to us! We got great looks as it didn’t go down for long dives. We watched it follow a current break to the West. Only a couple of miles west of it, Risso’s dolphins were sighted! There were ~100 of them, which is a large pod. Our average pod sizes are about 40 individuals. We saw some cow/calf pairs in the mix! We zoomed back home in nice, calm sea conditions! Did I mention the visibility was superb? A couple of Inshore bottlenose dolphins surfed in our wake on the way into Mission Bay!

Vanessa217A4194 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 1 IMG 3008 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 3 IMG 3123 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 5