Happy Cetacean Saturday! We saw whales on all our trips today. Our morning trip started strong heading straight out west. We got to see a Mola Mola for the first time in a while! We kept pushing and got lucky catching up with a trio of gray whales and about 50 long beaked common dolphins all in one area! Our afternoon trip set out west again in hopes to find another great combo. We found another Mola Mola about 4 miles from shore. We were stoked to find about 100 offshore bottlenose dolphins right on the drop off! There were a couple cow-calf pairs in the mix. We pushed back towards Mission Bay and found 2 gray whales just outside of the south jetty. They were snorkeling so we were chasing footprints! Our sunset trip pushed out to 9.5 miles and came across 2 spouts. We got a brief look at a Bryde’s whale and another gray whale about 1.5 miles away from one another. It was very cool getting to see that Bryde’s whale bring it’s head out of the water, we got to see its eye right off our bow! Unfortunately, it did give us the slip but we got to spend a little time with that gray whale around the same area. Looking forward to our trips tomorrow!

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