We had three great trips today! Our morning trip set out straight to the west. We came across 3 separate pods of gray whales, two with 4 whales and one with 2 whales making the total 10 gray whales in one trip! It was really awesome seeing that many together! Our afternoon trip set out to the north west. We cruised around for a while and spotted a minke whale! We were really excited because we haven’t seen many minkies lately. We got some good looks at it before it gave us the slip. We decided to point our nose to the south. We spotted a gray whale off in the distance but didn’t get to spend much time with it. We pushed closer to Mission Bay and spotted about 15 pacific white sided dolphins! We cruised them for a little before pushing towards the dock. We were welcomed back by a handful of inshore bottlenose dolphins. Our sunset trip set out to the west in hopes for a good show and we were not disappointed! We found more inshore bottlenose at the mouth of the jetties and they carried us out to the pacific. We pushed to the drop off and found a huge feeding frenzy with hundreds of birds, a megapod of long beaked common dolphins and 2 humpback whales! We got some good looks at one of those humpbacks before waving goodbye. Definitely one for the books!

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