We had three amazing trips today! We set out to deeper water and along the drop-off we caught up with 4 Fin whales! During the morning trip, we sighted a pair doing tight circles with short dive times of ~6-7 minutes. We even observed Fin whale POOP! The orangey color indicated that they were likely feeding on krill! We cruised north along the drop-off and sighted another big spout. That Fin whale was traveling to the NW and then stopped and circled toward the south. During the afternoon trip, we set out to the same zone and caught up with the same pair sighted in the morning. They continued to circle in the area to feed. We got a nice closeup look as they turned toward us and paralleled the boat for a couple breaths! We found a pod of ~100 Short-beaked Common dolphins to the north and another Fin whale. Our sunset trip was the best of the day! We pushed west to the drop off and found 5 Fin whales! We were ping-ponging between them as they dove. We got some great looks as a couple of them got close to the boat. We turned towards the coast and pushed towards the north east and found a cow-calf pair of humpback whales! The calf breached so many times we lost count! The little one was showing off all of it’s skills as it continued to launch out of the water! Truly an incredible show.


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