It was a day to beat out there on the Privateer! Our morning trip started strong, finding a gray whale about a mile outside of the jetties. We got a couple looks at it before it gave us the slip. We pushed out to about 7 miles and found a fin whale! It was pretty surface active and it’s dive times were constantly changing. It popped up right off our left side twice and just hung out! We turned towards the coast and found a juvenile humpback whale! This whale was also pretty surface active and gave us some good looks. This humpback whale was also accompanied by about 100 long beaked common dolphins. Our afternoon trip started strong with a couple of inshore bottlenose dolphins at the mouth of the jetties. We pushed west and came across a lunge feeding humpback whale! It was so cool watching it scoop up all of the bait in the water! There were thousands of birds and around 500 common dolphins spread across the area. We pushed further west and found another humpback whale before spotting a huge spout in the distance. We went to check that out and found a cow-calf pair of fin whales! The mom’s spout was HUGE and the baby was pretty interested in the back of our boat. The sunset trip was amazing! The conditions were so calm and glassy! This made it easy to spot a Minke whale traveling south! At the same time, a couple of spouts were sighted near the Minke whale. We think it may have been a cow/calf pair Gray whales, but they gave us the slip so we couldn’t confirm. We continued to the NW, and sighted a huge pod of ~300 Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were breaching and porpoising during our entire visit. About a half a mile a way, we sighted a single juvenile Humpback! It followed the dolphins around, and at one point popped up next to us! The sunset was beautiful!
We will be offline tomorrow due to increased winds and waves. Sea ya again soon!
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