We had a FIN-tastic day! Right out out of the Mission Bay jetties, we encountered a small pod of ~5 Inshore bottlenose dolphins! They cruised up to us to bow-ride the boat. We encountered ~30 Offshore bottlenose dolphins near the drop-off too! They were very surface active! They were exhaling powerfully, releasing small spouts as they surfaced. A few cruised up to us, and others porposied out of the water. All around us were thousands of Velella velella too! From dime-sized to half-dollar sized! We continued to the west and found a Fin whale! It had very wispy and almost no spouts on some of its breathing cycles. Then it kinda disappeared for about 15 to 20min. We spotted it again to the south. It surfaced for 3 to 4 breaths and would go down for 5-7 min. Hope you’ll join us for some Fin whale fun soon!

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