We had a pretty swell trip! Waves, splash and feeding frenzies! We set out to the SW and encountered bait ball after bait ball! Hundreds of birds were diving and feeding all around us. We sighted a big raft of ~15California sea lions. They were moving in and out of a bait ball. We sighted about ~15 Long-beaked Common dolphins in another feeding frenzy. We followed the drop-off to the north. Along the way, we sighted a small nursery pod of 4 Offshore bottlenose dolphins! The two pairs of cow/calves were cruising to the SW. They did get a little curious and popped up next to us a few times. We continued on and sighted splashes to the north. We found a huge pod of ~700 Long-beaked Common dolphins! They spanned about a mile long and many of them raced toward us. They bow-rode the boat and surfed in our wake. Lots of babies seen all around. On our way in, a single inshore bottlenose dolphins was sighted in the mouth of the jetties!
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