Super Cetacean Saturday! We had 3 awesome trips today! The morning trip started off two cow/calf pairs of Inshore bottlenose dolphins in Quivira Basin, next to our boat! We set out to the SW and sighted two tall, columnar spouts on the horizon. We caught up with 2 Fin whales. We observed one Fin whale as it circled the area. There was also a small pod of ~15 Long-beaked Common dolphins that cruised by us. During the afternoon tour, we set out for the same area and came across 3 different pods of Long-beaked Common dolphins, totaling ~60 individuals. The last pod we sighted was a nursery pod, with multiple cow/calf pairs. One calf even still had fetal folds visible. We sighted a single Fin whale that surfaced a couple times, then disappeared after one sounding dive. We sighted another denser spout out to the west, and observed that Fin whale for several cycles. On our way back, another Fin whale was sighted south of us. Our last sunset trip was the most nautical, as the fog rolled in and we had a splash zone up near the bow throughout the entire trip. We got lucky as a Fin whale surfaced beside us! We hung out with it for several cycles. It seemed to travel north and circle back to the south in very tight turns. A couple inshore bottlenose dolphins were sighted on our way into the Mission Bay jetties. All Fin whales appeared to be feeding which was exciting to witness!

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