We headed out to the wild Pacific today, ever in search of whatever life we can find and BOY OH BOY did we fin ALL of the life!

Our afternoon trip started with a nice pod of common dolphns but we quickly spotted some much larger spouts out west – so that where we went in a hurry and it was PHENOMINAL! We found a blue whale stoping in for a sunny San Diego visit! it was kind enough to give us a wave goodbye with it’s ENORMOUS fluke (tail fin). As we observed this blue whale – we have over seven other large fin whales surrounding us, we got plenty of good looks at all of the whales! on our way back in, we were greeted with a pod of about 30 offshore bottlenose, they were jumping out of our wake like popcorn in a hotpan!

We headed back out west on our sunset trip and found that same aggregation of fin whales but no luck finding that big blue one! So after hanging out with our finwhale friends, we turned around and headed back to shore. At the very last minute Capt Bryan spotted two MASSIVE spouts two BLUE WHALES!
It was just magical out there today!

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