Sunday Finday! We had two great trips with sightings of Fin whales and Common dolphins! During the morning tour, we set out to the NW. We caught up with a big pod of ~100 Long-beaked Common dolphins cruising to the north. Out on the drop-off we sighted a tall, columnar spout that belonged to a Fin whale. It had 4-5min dive times and surfaced pretty close to out boat as it went north. Not too far, a huge pod of ~300 Long-beaked Common dolphins were seen traveling south. We sighted many cow/calf pairs. Inside of the drop-off, a pair of social Fin whales popped up. They were playing follow-the-leader and barrel-rolling at the surface, we saw the tip of the whale’s tail! The second tour was just as amazing! We found a pod of ~50 Long-beaked Common dolphins only a couple of miles from shore. Out in deeper water, we sighted a single Fin whale that was super friendly! We watched it come straight toward us, and go under our boat. It slowly swam behind the boat and popped up on the other side. We watched the whale another close pass by our boat. It only went on one or two dives during our time with it. We even sighted whale poop and it was orange so that means it’s been feeding on krill! We found more Common dolphins on our way in!

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