We were rockin’ and rollin’ out there! We ventured through the bumpy seas toward deeper water. During the morning tour we sighted 12+ Blue whales on the drop -off and beyond! We got some amazing looks as they circled to feed! We were completely surrounded by the largest animal on the planet at one point. We did observe on whale displaying some surface active behavior, likely lunging at the surface throwing up some white water. Then a big pod of ~200 Long-beaked Common dolphins raced over to us as they zoomed out to the west. On our afternoon tour, we set out and found a big pod of ~150 Long-beaked Common dolphins right out of the gate. They were observed feeding on big bait balls! We watched as birds dived down next to them. We continued on and found a lone mystery dolphin that could have been a bottlenose but it seemed to be sort of gray/brown in coloration. We caught up with 8+ Blue whales out there and observed their big tails being lifted as they went down for their sounding dive. Wow, wow, WOW is all we can say about our sunset trip today! We had a truly incredible trip, we were completely surrounded (I’m not joking or exaggerating) by 6 blue whales. We had one swim right underneath us and pop up on our left side, we got an incredible look at it’s tail as it passed underneath us. Another also popped up on our left and mugged us! We saw a few more spouts on the horizon but stayed right where we were, they were all around us. We got great looks at some rain-blows as they lined up with the sunshine. All of the whales were feeding around us, we could even see groups of krill around the boat! Could not have asked for a better trip!

Get out here while the getting is good, blue whale season doesn’t last forever!



Vanessa and Brooke
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