We had a FIN-nomenal day today on the water! We saw three blue whales throughout our morning and afternoon trips. Two of those whales were a cow and calf pair! They came up super close to our boat and even showed its flukes! We also saw two fin whales during our morning trip and one fin whale during our afternoon trip. We encountered ~100 short-beaked common dolphins and ~100 long beaked common dolphins during our morning trip. During our afternoon trip, we saw 40 offshore bottlenose dolphins, 2 inshore bottlenose dolphins, two Mola molas, and one swordfish! Dolphinitely an action packed day out in the Pacific Ocean!
Our sunset trip way june gloomy but the whales didn’t seem to mind! We we able to leave the dock a bit early and jam out west where we caught up to 4 blue whales! We got some incredible looks and one popped up so close to the boat we could almost *feel* its breath! Common dolphins were kind enough to accompany us for some of the journey back to land!

What a time to be out on the water in San Diego!


Vanessa, Alison & Melissa