June 26, 2023
Absolutely fluking incredible!
Once in a life time doesn’t even begin to cover this trip! We headed west out of the jetties, with blue skies, blue seas and we didn’t know it yet… but the closest looks at Blue Whales!
The seas were a little rough but nothing good comes easy and nothing easy is good right?
We found ourselves surrounded by 6 Blue whales! We got to hang out with 3 up them up close and personal but an ENORMOUS PAIR decided to turn RIGHT TOWARDS US! They just…. kept coming … and coming until they were RIGHT NEXT TO OUR BOAT! Then they took a very shallow dive right underneath us! We could see the whales head on the port side of our boat and the tail trailing behind on the starboard side of the boat ! We had our boat in neutral and everyone on board was either speechless, gasping in awe, or shrieking with excitement! (even the ones not feeling so well)

We headed back to shore, absolutely shocked and in awe of what just happened. I’m still giggling about it. The trip of a life time!

AlisonDSC9826 | San Diego Whale Watch 1 DSC9898 | San Diego Whale Watch 3 DSC9902 | San Diego Whale Watch 5