Blue whales were sighted everywhere we went today! During the morning trip, we sighted a spout once we got to the drop-off. The Blue whale that we hung out with came up and had tall almost 30-ft spouts! We watched it come up for 4 to 5 breaths and go down for about 6-min dives. We observed more spouts all around us too! We cruised toward the coast and sighted Long-beaked Common dolphins spread out all around us. They began to feed on small schooling fish. During our afternoon trip, we set out to the west and found more Common dolphins stretched out to the drop-off and beyond. We loved to seem them bow-ride and surf in our wake! We got to the drop-off and encountered our first Blue whale! All throughout our time out in deeper water, there were Blue whales spouting all around us! We estimate there were at least 8 Blue whales within a couple of miles. Many of the Blue’s didn’t show their flukes when going down, but the last Blue whale sighted gave us the best wave good-bye and lifted it’s tail sky-high! We cruised by ~15 Offshore Bottlenose dolphins on our way in. Then inside the jetties, we caught up with a handful of Inshore bottlenose dolphins that were very actively jumping in our wake! Now, is the time to come out and see the largest animal on the planet in big quantities!

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