HAPPY WORLD OCEAN’S DAY! We spent the day with the largest animal on the planet! There were Blue whales everywhere we looked out in deeper water! During our morning trip, we set out to the west and sighted a Humpback whale headed toward the east! We got great looks as it surfaced for numerous spouts and showed its tail on every sounding dive. We looked out to the horizon and saw spout after spout. We hung out with at least 8 Blue whales, with more out in the distance. During the afternoon trip, we set out to the same zone! There were even more Blue whales in the area, but spread out! We got watch as they surfaced for breaths, go on big arching dives! The Blue whale’s tail was sighted a few times today too! On our way in, we sighted a pod of ~20 Offshore bottlenose dolphins cruising north. We sighted a Brown booby, a moon jelly, Velella velella’s and a couple of patches of surface krill! Overall, the ocean was teeming with life! Hope to sea you soon!

Vanessa 217A9074 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 1