Today started out with a rare sighting of feeding Pacific white-sided dolphins, which we normally see Oct-Apr, so it was a surprise to see them in July! We continued out and found feeding pods of long-beaked common dolphins and then a blue whale! On our second trip we headed northwest and encountered more feeding long-beaked common dolphins and then a blue whale feeding out past the drop off. The whale seemed to be feeding on krill near the surface and we sighted two other spouts in the distance as well. On our way in we found a pod of offshore bottlenose dolphins with a lot of small calves in the pod! Our sunset trip was B-E-A-utiful out there! We came across a minke whale and a Mola mola in the same spot not even 3 miles from shore. We cruised to that 7 mile mark and found 5 blue whales! We got really good looks at 2 of them and even got to see some lunge feeding! They also had 3 minute dive times so we got to stick with this pair for a while as they slowly chugged North. We got welcomed back to Mission Bay by lots of black skimmers and a golden yellow sky.

Hope to catch you on the next one!


Ryan & Brooke 217A9677 2 217A9764 2 217A9846 2 217A9867 2

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