We had a Bryde-ful day on the water! We hung out with two Bryde’s whales today (pronounced BROO-dus)! This is the perfect time of year to try and catch up with them! We tend to see them late summer, early fall. They are a tropical species of baleen whale that are always so excited to spot! On the morning tour, we set out towards the west and hung out with a pod of ~200 Short-beaked Common dolphins. There were cow/calf pairs observed all around. We even enjoyed watching some high-flying individuals that breached and porpoised nearby. We caught up with a single Bryde’s whale on the drop-off to the north. It came up for 3 breaths, followed by an 8-min dive. On the Sunset tour we set out to the NW and once we got to the drop-off changed directions to the south which was a good call because found another juvenile Bryde’s whale! It exhibited very interesting behavior and never went on any long dives. It seemed to be resting at the surface. We noticed some cookie-cutter shark bites on the sides of its body, a common sight among this tropical species of whale. The sunset was fire!

Sea you on the next one!


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