We had two great trips with Common dolphins sighted on both trips! During the afternoon trip, we set out toward the drop-off and traveled SW. We went as far as we could go and on our way back we sighted some huge splashes! They were high-flying Short-beaked Common dolphins! They did what they do best, and that’s launch out of the water! We could see them breach, porpoise and surf in our wake! At first, we thought there were about 100 but then more popped up around us, giving a total of ~400 shorties! On our sunset tour, we got to 3-miles from shore and sighted some serious bird activity to the west of us! There was a huge feeding frenzy with several species of birds and Long-beaked Common dolphins! We continued to the west, encountering more dolphins everywhere we looked! Before we knew it, we were at the drop-off and had just gone through 3-miles of pure dolphins! They exhibited every kind of behavior, from breaching, surfing to even mating! We sighted so many calves in the mix, with some likely just days old! The sunset was a beautiful backdrop for all the activity! Throughout the day, we sighted a Mola Mola, and even a Brown booby!

Sea ya tomorrow!