Happy Friday everyone! We started our morning trip with some hazy skies and calm seas. The sun eventually came out as we travelled further out west. We were about 11 miles offshore at our furthest distance. We saw both toothed whales and baleen whales this morning. We started our trip with encountering ~25 long-beaked common dolphins. Then, once we were well past the drop-off we sighted 1 minke whale. We also saw yellowfin tuna and various types of seabirds during our trip.

We had a couple of BREACHERS!!! We hung out with two humpback whales that were breaching, tail-slapping, tail-lobbing, chin-slapping, and pec-slapping! Almost every kind of behavior was witnessed on our tour! They seemed to be socializing as they very slowly traveled to the south. Everyone on board was so happy to see such an amazing acrobatic whale encounter!

Hope you’ll join us for a trip soon!

Melissa & Vanessa