We enjoyed a beautiful day on the water! We set out toward the west on all tours and caught up with Short-beaked Common dolphins during the AM and Sunset tours! They were doing what they do best, and that’s breeeeach! They were launching out of the water all around us! On the AM trip, there were two pods sighted with ~100 individuals in each pod. During our sunset tour, there were ~150 in our first pod. They were spread out headed SE toward the coastline. The highlight of the trip, was the nursery pod of shorties behind the spread out pod. There had to be at least ~15 pairs popping up all around. There were many that still exhibited their fetal folds. We caught up with a second smaller pod of ~50 on the drop-off on our way in. The visibility was amazing as we could see inland, probably to Alpine in East County, SD, and down into Tijuana, MX. The PM trip was a bit mellow in the marine mammal department, but there were thousands of birds, and several bait balls and sightings of tuna!

Sea ya on the next one!

Ryan & Vanessa