Embark on a serene Common Dolphin and Humpback Whale Excursion! Enjoy calm seas, stunning views from La Jolla to Tijuana, and close encounters with marine life.

We couldn’t have asked for a better day on the water! The visibility was amazing! We could see up to La Jolla and as far south as Tijuana, MX. The seas were so nice and calm making for a beautiful ride! We cruised down to the SW and noticed hundreds of birds diving in the water! Underneath them were hundreds of Common dolphins! We got to hang out with ~400 Long-beaked Common dolphins as they socialized and came to check out our boat! We enjoyed watching surfers and bow-riders! Then we spotted it…a big puffy spout! We observed a single Humpback whale hanging out with the dolphins. It came up for 3 breaths and went down for 5-min dives. We got to see its tail being lifted on almost every sounding dive. It seemed to follow the dolphins to the north, but then began to travel toward the coast! It hung out only a couple of miles from shore and slowly traveled to the south. On our way back, we found more Common dolphins along the way, bringing our total for the day up to. ~600 individuals!

Hope to sea you tomorrow!